LGBT older women face many challenges to successful aging, including health disparities that are a result of lifetimes of discrimination. “LGBT Older Women’s Health was presented on Saturday, May 18, 2013. This program addressed the many obstacles to health and wellness that LGBT older women face. Limited access to care, discrimination and fear all combine to negatively impact the ability of LGBT older women to age successfully. The program included information on nutrition and healthy cooking, highlights of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and a Tai Chi demonstration.


In “The Aging and Health Report,” a 2012 study by Karen I. Fredriksen-Goldsen, PhD, et al, it was reported that a majority of LGBT older adults need social support groups and networking opportunities. Statistics show that many LGBT older adults live alone, do not have children, and many have lost their biological families through their coming out process.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can lead to higher rates of stress, depression and anxiety. Daily life can seem overwhelming without the support and friendship found in traditional social structures. These feelings can manifest themselves in alcohol or other drug misuse, over/under eating and other unhealthy behaviors.


Mariam “Tootsie Iovine” D’Ambrosio is the owner/operator of Tootsie’s Salad Express at the Reading Terminal Market.

Jill Newirth Horn is a past president of the Philadelphia Women’s Culinary Guild and a member of the board of directors of the Food Trust.

Diane Menio is executive director of the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE)

Zak Zaklad is an accomplished Tai Chi instructor and community member.


The community organizations that collaborated with the Elder Initiative to make this program possible were CARIE, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) and William Way Community Center.

LGBT Older Women’s Health was made possible by grants from PNC Bank, ( and Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA)(, through the support of Tootsie’s Salad Express), and by the media sponsorship of the Philadelphia Gay News (www.EPGN.COM).

This program was held at the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center (SPOAC) (

Watch the full program in our video library! Affordable Care Act Bingo, Nutrition and Food Preparation, Basics of Tai Chi

Videography and technical support courtesy of Peter Lien.


Area Agencies on Aging

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (known as “PCA”)

(215) 765-9000 / TDD (215) 765-9041 / 1(888) 482-9060 (toll-free outside Phila.)

Bucks County Area Agency on Aging

(267) 880-5700

Chester Department of Aging Services

(610) 344-6350 / 1(800) 692-1100 (toll-free)

Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging (known as “COSA”)

(610) 490-1300 / 1(800) 416-4504 (toll-free)

Montgomery County Aging & Adult Services

(610) 278-3601

Alzheimer’s Association

(800) 272-3900 / TDD (866) 403-3073
Helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

APPRISE (health insurance questions)

(800) 783-7067 / TDD 1(866) 403-3073Hotline Hours:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday


(215) 545-5728 / (800) 356-3606 (toll-free)
Hotline Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Mazzoni Center 

Medical Practice: 809 Locust Street, Philadelphia   (215) 563-0658
Main Office: 21 South 12th Street, Philadelphia  (215) 563-0652

Safer Sex for Seniors

Widener University Sexuality and Aging Consortium

(610) 499-1378

William Way LGBT Community Center

1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia
(215) 732-2220

NUTRITION: Healthy Pantry Items for Busy People

This ever-growing list is a guideline to help the home cook have a larder that acts as a basis for healthy cooking. Add your personal favorites and forget the ones that are not—–some might be ideas from a recipe you might want to try in the future.   Some items are staples to help create meals when there is nothing to eat in the house and others are palate teasers to add to a bland dinner. As these become staples with their bright, zesty and hot flavors the home cook can use less salt and oil.

bulgar wheat
brown rice
basmati rice
olive oil
canola oil
red wine vinegar
balsamic vinegar
rice vinegar
soy sauce
bay leaf
curry powder
cumin powder
cayenne pepper
smoked paprika ‘pemiton’
chipotle peppers dried
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
silken tofu in a box
milk in a box
dry milk
instant coffee
fresh herbs
dry fruit
non-fat yogurt
dijon mustard
Thai garlic chili paste
apricot jam
orange marmalade
preserved lemons

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