By Sabia Prescott, EI blogger
What is ‘public’ health? How does it affect your everyday life? What can we do to make our community healthier as a whole? These questions, among others commonly raised in discussions about public health, are the focal point of National Public Health Week (NPHW), an initiative of the American Public Health Association (APHA). As a nation, the US believes it is the healthiest in the world, but according to NIH, we rank 34th in life expectancy. Inequalities in factors such as the climate we live in, education level, and access to nutritional food heavily affect life expectancy rates. Inequalities in these factors have a greater impact on LGBT people and people of color.
From April 4-10, APHA is bringing together communities all over the country to raise awareness of these issues in public health, as well as to acknowledge the contributions of activists, practitioners, and policy makers in addressing them. In addition, hundreds of events are held nationwide to promote public health education.
Aside from events, individuals and organizations can get involved with NPHW online or by donating. APHA will host the sixth annual NPHW Twitter Chat on April 6 at 2pm EDT. Twitter users are encouraged to RSVP here and join the chat to ask important questions and shape the dialogue surrounding health issues that are most important to you. LGBT elderly voices are traditionally underrepresented in public health issues that affect them the most. APHA invites you to step up and join the conversation.
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