The LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) of the American Society on Aging has released a series of blog posts exploring the integration of LGBTQ aging issues into higher education curriculum. The blog series is part of LAIN’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the unique issues impacting LGBTQ people as they age and preparing aging services professionals to better serve this population. The following articles are available as part of the series on higher education:

The Integration of Aging Issues into LGBT Studies Courses by Mary McCall

The Art of Weaving LGBTQ Aging Issues Throughout Higher Education by Nikki DiGregorio and Jennifer Zorotovich

The Interdisciplinary Challenge of Integrating LGBTQ Aging into the Curriculum by Jeanne Sokolec

LGBTQ Aging Issues in Higher Education: What’s Happening on Campus?By Michael P. Dentato and Holly Deni

Netflix Binging for a Grade? Sign Me Up! By James R. Carter

LGBTQ Aging Issues: A Journey to Understanding by Mandy Weirich

LAIN works to raise awareness about the concerns of LGBT elders and about the unique barriers they encounter in gaining access to housing, healthcare, long-term care and other needed services. LAIN seeks to foster professional development, multidisciplinary research and wide-ranging dialogue on LGBT issues in the field of aging through publications, conferences, and cosponsored events. LAIN welcomes the participation of all concerned individuals regardless of age, sexual orientation or gender identity. For more information about LAIN, visit

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