The LGBT Elder Initiative and the Philadelphia Gay News (PGN) have produced a PGN Special on LGBT Aging, published as part of the October 28th PGN. The Special Section focuses on the ways that the aging services network is working to better meet the needs of LGBT older adults and the work that still needs to take place to ensure that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are able to access services and resources that are welcoming, affirming, and culturally sensitive. The PGN Special Section on LGBT Aging can be accessed here. Individual columns published as part of the Special Section are available below.

Special Section on LGBT Aging: How do you want to grow older?
By David Griffith, LGBT Elder Initiative

Six years and counting
By Heshie Zinman, LGBT Elder Initiative

Learning how to care for LGBT seniors
By Terri Clark, Action Wellness

Building bridges: Creating welcoming environments in senior centers
By Megan McCoy, Center in the Park

Local pride. Community Proud. Right here in Philadelphia
By Grace Rustia, AARP

Palliative care: What every LGBTQ person needs to know
By Stephanie Chando, Pennsylvania Hospital

Sexual orientation and gender identity data collection: Why numbers count
By Kathy Cubit, Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE)

Aging services organizations can be out and proud too!
By LaTierra Piphus, LGBT Elder Initiative

Oh, “bi” the way… Don’t forget about the “B” in LGBT aging
By Terri Clark, Action Wellness

New series showcases stories of LGBT elders
By Jen Colletta, Philadelphia Gay News

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