The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) has released the official transcript of the public hearing held on October 25, 2016 regarding racism in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood. The October 25th hearing was held at Liberty Resources and was attended by hundreds of community members, activists, Gayborhood event producers, performers and more. The public hearing was held in response to growing tension and wide-ranging reports of racism and discrimination in the LGBTQ community and was intended to gather information from community members and other stakeholders about their experiences with racism and discrimination in the LGBTQ community.

The 120-page transcript includes the public testimony of 28 individuals. Speakers delivered testimony to share their experiences with racism in the LGBTQ community and to issue recommendations for systemic change in areas of employment, housing and public accommodations to the delivery of services and policing.

The full transcript from the hearing, including all public testimony, can be read here.

More coverage of the Public Hearing is available from G Philly and PGN.

More information is also available through the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations’ website, including resources related to the October 25th hearing.

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