When Congress is on recess, most lawmakers return to their home states to connect with their constituents. With multiple recesses scheduled throughout the fall of 2017, there are many upcoming opportunities to directly engage with your elected officials around the policies and legislation that matters to you as a constituent. These opportunities include attending town hall events, setting up a meeting a Congress member at their local office, or inviting your member of Congress to a community event or a group you are a part of.

With many policy proposals being debated in Washington that would have serious effects on LGBT older adult, it is extremely important that your elected representatives hear from you about the issues you care about.

The schedule for Congress’ 2017 Fall Recesses is as follows:

  • Oct. 6-9 (House), Oct. 9-15 (Senate), Oct. 14-22 (House)
  • Nov. 17-27
  • Dec. 15-31

The National Council on Aging has developed an Advocacy Toolkit for the 2017 Recesses. The Toolkit includes a step-by-step guide to scheduling a meeting with your legislators, policy updates on key aging policy issues, and messaging that you can use when communicating with your Congress members about aging issues.

To access the Advocacy Toolkit for the 2017 Recess, visit:

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