“What Was It Like?” is a question often asked which has led to many entertaining, profound, and meaningful stories from the past. Now, “What Was It Like?” is a new video series from I’m From Driftwood: The LGBTQ Story Archive that spotlights first-person stories specifically from LGBTQ elders, ensuring their life’s experiences are properly preserved, respected, and shared. www.imfromdriftwood.com

The video stories shared on I’m From Driftwood send a simple yet powerful message to LGBTQ people everywhere: you are not alone. The stories cover the entire spectrum of LGBTQ experiences, from first dates, workplace discrimination, parenting, coming out, gender nonconformity, religion, and more.

If you are interested in sharing your stories, IFD’s staff will work with you to develop and prepare your stories for camera. Each story is professionally produced, made freely available online, and archived in perpetuity at the Fales Library at NYU.

I’m From Driftwood receives emails, comments, and feedback on a daily basis letting them know how the stories are making a difference in people’s lives. If you’d like to share your stories, capture history and impact current and future generations, contact Program Director Damien Mittlefehldt at damien@imfromdriftwood.com.

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