As a requirement of the Older Americans Act, each state is required to develop a State Plan on Aging every four years. The State Plan essentially works as a strategic plan for the state’s Department of Aging. It outlines priorities for services provided through the Department, including caregiver support programs, employment support, health and wellness programming, legal assistance, meal programs, transportation, protective services, the ombudsman program, and more.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging is in the process of developing its State Plan on Aging for 2020-2024. The State Plan acts as a blueprint for how the Department of Aging will meet its federally mandated responsibilities, respond to emergent issues, and lead the way in providing the best possible service, support and opportunities for a growing, diverse older population.

The Aging Workgroup of the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs is soliciting feedback on how the next State Plan can better meet the growing needs of LGBTQ older Pennsylvanians. LGBTQ community members and service providers who work with older adults are all invited to take this survey. The data collected through this survey is anonymous. It will be used to support the Aging Workgroup’s advocacy toward full inclusion of LGBTQ people and older adults living with HIV into Pennsylvania’s 2020-2024 State Plan on Aging.

Take the survey here!

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