The Pennsylvania Department of Aging is seeking input from older adults and community stakeholders on the department’s strategies and priorities as part of the process of completing a State Plan on Aging for 2020-2024. Through the Older Americans Act, all state units on aging must complete a State Plan that outlines priorities for services provided through the Department, including caregiver support programs, employment support, health and wellness programming, legal assistance, meal programs, transportation, protective services, the ombudsman program, and more.

The Department of Aging’s survey asks respondents to prioritize services and quality-of-life issues that are most meaningful to them in ensuring age-friendly communities across the commonwealth over the next four years. The survey is available electronically through June 21st. Anyone who may not have internet access and is interested in taking the survey can call the department at 717-783-1550.

The Department of Aging survey is available here.

Similarly, all Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are required to develop a four-year Area Plan on Aging. AAAs are the county-level agencies responsible for overseeing the local delivery of services to older adults, including those funded by the Department of Aging. In Philadelphia, the AAA is the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA). PCA has also created a survey to get community input on its four-year plan. Survey results will be incorporated into the Area Plan and strategies to address health disparities, serve diverse populations, advocate for elder rights, and improve the provision of programs and services.

The PCA survey is available here.


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